Introducing Caraboat, Caravan and Boat Hybrid From the 1960s

A small house on wheels that also works just as fine on the water.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Vehicles of transportation come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. From flying taxis to amphibious boats, we have seen it all so it is rare that a vehicle surprises us. 

However, we have to admit we were taken aback by the Caraboat, brought to us courtesy of The Drive. The Caraboat combines a caravan and a boat. A caravan, for the uninitiated, is a small house on wheels meaning the new invention provides a small house on the water.

The Drive explains how back in 1968 a caravan-building firm in Lancashire decided to build the novel machine seen in the video below. The end result was quite a pleasant vehicle on the water which leaves us wondering why it did not grow more popular.


In the video, you can see a car carrying the Caraboat attached to its back bumper and bringing it all the way to a water source. Once there, the Caraboat is released into the water and, of course, it floats along with the ducks and swans.

What can you do on the Caraboat? The video shows a couple having tea but the truth is that you could do anything you do in a regular house on a smaller scale of course. You can take a trip down a romantic lake and cook, sleep, and even take a shower.

Do not get drunk on the Caraboat

The narrator says you can even get drunk on the Caraboat although we would not advising as it may somehow count as drinking and driving. Finally, if this boat has got your attention and you want one badly, The Drive mentions that an Australian company makes some of these today although they look quite different than the idyllic 1960s Caraboat.

Take a look at their site and see. Do you prefer the picturesque 1960s version or are you more a fan of the modern spacious ones of today?

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