Is it a car? Is it a bike? It’s both! Meet the Virtue Velomobile Pedalist

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A company by the name of Virtue Cycle Solutions from San Diego have created an electric pedal car/cargo trike called the Pedalist and they aim to bring it into production soon. They recently showed off their prototype recently at the Interbike 2014.


[Image Source: Virtue Cycle]

The Pedalist Velamobile has a slim and tall profile and the people behind it have said that it is the height of it that helps it stand out so that other drivers are able to see it; it also gives the passenger a great view of the road. Other velomobiles are somewhat lower and this seems to limit their appeal.


[Image Source: Virtue Cycle]

The vehicle is only 34 inches in width and this means that it is easy to get through a standard doorway. On the downside to bringing it indoors is its weight as it will have a weight of between 150 to 200 pounds and this is without a battery or motor. In regards to the latter, Virtue are going to offer them based on the needs of the individual buyer and what their requirements are. For instance, some cstomers will favour range over torque, or vice-versa.


[Image Source: Virtue Cycle]

The prototype that was shown off recently came with a full lighting system, complete with turn indicators, a body of polycarbonate and was fitted with an electric horn. Virtue are also considering attaching a side mirror, this would fit onto the shell of the vehicle with a suction cup and adding in a windshield washer.


[Image Source: Virtue Cycle]

Virtue have been looking into the amount of investor interest in their Pedalist and have said they may turn to Kickstarter to see if the public are interested. The representative showing it off said that the company hopes to begin production by the middle of next year, if not by the end. Hints at the price suggest somewhere between US$3,500 and  US3, 900 and this doesn’t include the battery or the motor.

pedalist-4[Image Source: Virtue Cycle]pedalist-5

[Image Source: Virtue Cycle]


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