Is it a Vespa or is it a camper van?

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You might ask whether this strange vehicle is a Vespa or whether it’s a camper van. The answer is that it is both and the idea came from Cornelius Comanns, a German designer, who made this weird looking vehicle as a home for one person on the move. He got the inspiration from the Piaggio APE 50 tricycle, which is the base for this mini home on wheels.


[Image Source: Cornelius Comanns]

He calls it the Bufalino Camper and it is essentially a mixture of German functionality and design from Italy. This miniature home on wheels does offer everything that is needed for the people of today on the move.


[Image Source: Cornelius Comanns]

Surprisingly packed into the small camper come Vespa the owner managed to get a bed in it, albeit not a proper bed with mattress, more like a wooden board with a sleeping bag. But the younger generation of today will sleep on just about anything. However you might get a nasty bang on the head if you wake up half asleep during the night and try to sit up as there is a shelf above your head.


[Image Source: Cornelius Comanns]

Not only is there a bed, amazing as it might sound there is also a kitchen with workspace, shower, lots of storage place, a fridge and even a laptop desk. The Bufalino Camper does seem to be very flexible, but one that that it does lack is a toilet.

When talking about the project of fitting a home into a Vespa camper van, Comann said “My aim was to give people a better understanding of the country, the surrounding, and the range they have travelled. the travelling vehicle is always with you like some kind of a base camp, while also being used for moving on in an easy going and spontaneous way.”

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[Image Source: Cornelius Comanns]

The Vespa camper van was designed and made around the Piaggio APE 50 tricycle, which is a very light vehicle and which doesn’t gobble up petrol, so offers super fuel efficiency. The trikes engine was kept in the design, while the camper van was then fitted around the trike to include all the modern amenities, expect for a toilet, strangely enough. One thing that this mini camper van does go to prove is that there is a lot of good in small packages.