Israel's New Electric Helicopter Is Unmanned, With Dual Propulsion Motors

Offers an eco-friendly way of operations.
Ameya Paleja
The Black Eagle 25E during its flightSteadicopter

In a world where we mostly talk about quadcopters or drones, the classic helicopter seems to have been forgotten. But an Israeli company, Steadicopter, is not just making these rotary-wing aircraft but is ensuring that you can operate them remotely too. Now, they have an electric version of their flagship productBlack Eagle. 

Since their inception, helicopters have gone through a sea of change with regards to their designs. Serving the military as well as civilian uses, helicopters have been subjects of some of the most interesting designs but they delivered utility every single time. Over the past few years though, smaller quadcopters have caught the public eye but Steadicopter hopes that its electric-powered Black Eagle can reclaim the space again. 

Established in 2005, Steadicopter has been offering a gasoline-powered version of the Black Eagle that offers many hours of endurance and extensive data link range for its intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance operations. By replacing the engine with dual electric propulsion motors, the company has managed to drastically reduce the weight of the aircraft without affecting its other capacities. 

The electric version of the Black Eagle is available in two weight classes of 55 pounds (25 kg) and 110 pounds (50 kg). The platform weight of the aircraft is just under 40 pounds (18 kg) with no requirement of carrying fuel on board, the remaining weight can be used o carry a wide variety of payloads, the company website says. With a larger battery pack, the Black Eagle 50E can fly for just about two hours, while the 25E has a flight time of about an hour. 

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Each Black Eagle aircraft consists of a ground control system (GCS), a flight control computer, a mission computer, an integrated communication system that transmits the live video and data between the aircraft and GCS and payload subsystems. Depending on the nature of the mission, the payload can be modified. The Black Eagle is capable of operating not only in a wide temperature range but also at high altitudes as well as in harsh maritime conditions, the company claims. 

Along with steady hovering and balance capabilities, the Black Eagle also boasts of day and night vision increasing the versatility of its use. 

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