Italian electric motorcycle maker to integrate its tech into aviation

Energica has partnered with two aviation companies to evaluate performance and conduct tests.
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Pure Flight's U15E ΦNIX
Pure Flight's U15E ΦNIX

Pure Flight 

talian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica is integrating its EV technology package into small airplanes and seaplanes (ULM) for training and recreational purposes, according to a company release.

The parent company of Energica, Ideanomics, has lately disclosed that Energica has partnered with two aviation businesses: the French tech consulting firm Phenix Air Corp. and the Czech aviation business Pure Flight, with the aim of evaluating performances and carrying out a number of tests. The powertrain will now be integrated into a lightweight aircraft to test actual performance.

It's part of the company’s "Energica Inside" program, which uses Energica's current powertrain solutions to assist other manufacturers of light electric vehicles in accelerating their R&D.

A similar project has begun in California in collaboration with a group of engineers and pilots directed by senior engineer and expert pilot Gabriel De Vault. This group is trying to integrate the most recent Energica Powertrain in a Sonex airframe specifically designed for it. The project's goal is to test the efficiency and range of the EV conversion, which can be used for various scenarios, including training exercises, intrastate cruise trips, and even aerobatics.

An additional project makes use of the Pure Flight ΦNIX aircraft. Due to the airframe's great efficiency combined with the powerplant's performance, the technical team is considering the integration of an Energica powertrain, which might guarantee the highest range for a trip inside Europe.

To perfect the setup, merge mechanical and electrical components, and develop the finest EV solution for light airplanes, all programs are progressing simultaneously and will gain from each other's learning.

General Manager of Energica Inside, Carlo Iacovini, said, “Aviation has been at the forefront of innovation in the transport sector, and EV technologies are entering into the equation of product development. We have started different programs with partners around the globe to learn together and fast the time to market of our solutions”.

It is quite thrilling to see an electric motorbike maker make a leap into aviation.

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