No Stress: Superyacht that uses AI to monitor power consumption

The yacht No Stress has five operating modes using two sources of power
Ameya Paleja
The No Stress yacht with AI onboard
The No Stress yacht with AI onboard


As the world goes ga-ga over the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can improve our daily use apps and make them more intuitive, Italian ship maker Rossinavi has deployed the technology to ease the crew's workload onboard its latest yacht, No Stress.

The nearly 164 feet (50 m) long super yacht has a sporty design and looks set to cruise the ocean waters with its fast-displacement hull form. However, the ship is making headlines because, under the hood, a computer system has been tasked to monitor and manage power consumption while the passengers look to de-stress away from their hectic lives.

Tasking AI with power management

Although Interesting Engineering has previously reported on the electrification of naval transport, the concept is still in its infancy, and just a handful of users are experimenting with battery-operated boats.

Rossinavi has embraced electric transportation without letting go of the conventional diesel engines, which gives sailors the piece of mind that they won't be stranded at sea. For No Stress, Rossinavi has supplied a dual power source, with two MTU 16V 2000 M96L diesel engines and two electric motors powered by a battery pack.

No Stress: Superyacht that uses AI to monitor power consumption
The AI is tasked with managing power consumption onboard

Put together, the dual power plant equips No Stress with five operating modes while cruising or being anchored, and this is where the AI plays an important role. The system keeps tabs on energy consumption from the batteries and works to maximize the efficiency in these modes.

The AI system is part of Rossinavi's Blue Initiative, which supplies its clients with environmentally friendly propulsion options. No Stress is the first hull to be launched under this initiative. Federico Rossi, the chief operating officer at Rossinavi, said in a press release that the technology would undergo further optimizations. Its full potential will be revealed with the launch of its upcoming project, Sea Cat.

The Sea Cat is a 131-foot (40 m) multi-hull yacht that is solar-powered and is designed to have an endurance of 20 days. The AI system will be crucial in preserving the battery power and maximizing the system's efficiency.

Although the interiors of the yacht, designed by Enrico Gobbi - Team for Design, are still under wraps, No Stress has a sporty exterior with floor-to-ceiling windows that ensure panoramic views while on the water. The living quarters also organically blend with the outdoor decks, as per the client's requests.

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