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Is your driveway too small for all your supercars? Or do you just want some James Bond style secret parking to hide and protect your shiny new motor? The guys over at Cardok have just the solution for you, with a parking method that seems to have come straight out of Thunderbirds.

pop_up_garage_01[Image Source: Cardok]

Ok, chances are you don't have ridiculous amounts of money for more supercars than you could need, let alone a fancy parking method, but it's still worth checking out this new secret agent style parking method. Cardok have created a lift system parking method, that can slot your car onto basement level, leaving your driveway looking empty or allowing room for another car to park on top.

The mechanism can be operated via remote control; hold down the button and up pops more parking space within less than 30 seconds. According to the company's website, the "original Cardok incorporates a two-vehicle lift, and is designed to accommodate virtually any production car, including luxury saloons and four wheel drives." Each platform has a safe load capacity of 3 tonnes and to put that into perspective, a Range Rover weighs 2.7 tonnes.

pop_up_garage_02[Image Source: Cardok]

And if that's not enough space for all your supercars, luxury saloons and fancy 4 wheel drives then the company also offers the Multi Cardok - double width, double length or double height solutions to suit your needs.

Entrance into the homes basement level can also be built in and the bespoke installations can "be designed and made to virtually any specification."

The company currently operates in the UK and of course, it's not exactly your cheapest garage; Mono Cardoks start from around $61,000 and the Multi Cardok starting at around $72,000.

pop_up_garage_03[Image Source: Cardok]

The elevator fits seamlessly into any drive and the simplistic design is just as impressive as the quietness of its operation. Their top surface comprises a 4 cm deep tray that can be finished with a covering of up to 1.4 tonnes to match the surrounding parking area.

So what are you waiting for? Whether it's limited driveway space or desire for extra security on your wheels, get inquiring now and pretend you're the next Batman... if you have the extra cash of course.


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