Meet Jet Shark: The four-seater semi-submersible boat

Explore the seas inside a shark-shaped boat.
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Jet Shark.
Jet Shark.

The Jet Shark  

The Jet Shark is a brand-new, semi-submersible boat designed to provide the unique experience of diving below the water's surface in a much roomier, more user-friendly watercraft.

Rob Innes, the company's creator, has over 25 years of experience creating and marketing distinctive, custom-built boats such as the immensely popular Seabreacher. The company's initial product, the Q Model Jet Shark, includes four full-sized adult seats and a climate-controlled, watertight cockpit with wide panoramic windows. The boat can also be utilized as a traditional boat on bright days by operating with its two substantial gull-wing doors fully open.

Future models will provide a variety of trim levels and powertrain choices, as well as seating for up to six people. A marinized version of the latest Corvette 6.2l V8 engine, the 420hp Kodiak Marine engine powers the current Q Model Jet Shark. Future iterations will also include diesel engines for commercial tourist vessels and supercharged engines with 600 horsepower. Future electric versions could emerge only when a secure, dependable marine electric power package is made available.

Jet Shark stays far away from other boats

Electro-hydraulic controls are necessary to run the huge dive planes because the Jet Shark has about three times the volume of the two-seat Seabreacher. They control the buoyant Jet Shark underwater, with the rear elevators and vectored jet thrust. The snorkel/camera pod is always above the water, whereas the Jet Shark only dives to a depth of roughly five feet. If the ship loses power for whatever reason, it surfaces right away.

Safety has been Jet Shark's primary focus throughout its development. Even if the entire vessel is totally submerged in water, it will always be buoyant and self-righting due to its static flotation. While making shallow dives, a variety of onboard cameras, sensors, and Lidar will ensure the Jet Shark stays far away from other boats and waterway users.

The cockpit instrumentation and controls resemble those from a private jet more than a typical 20-foot-long boat. The twin touchscreen displays in front of the two front pilot stations provide complete control of all onboard operations.

Although the Jet Shark is still in development and will need additional testing and certification before it is ready for the market, the business intends to start taking orders later this year. To satisfy the high projected demand, the company wants to raise further investment funds and may partner with a high-volume boat builder. The Jet Shark is expected to cost between $200k and $300k at retail.

Riding a shark underwater would be thrilling, but the Jet Shark seems fun.

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