This jet-ski is powered by an electric motor and is powerful

It offers a top speed of 50 mph and a battery life of 2 hours.
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The Raye by Tarform
The Raye by Tarform


The Brooklyn-based Tarform wants to unleash the swift, thrilling energy of its Luna electric motorcycle into the water after developing it on dry land. 

The Raye's marine life inspiration is evident in almost every square inch of its surface, including the wide, wrinkled snout, the eye-like front lights, the smooth, natural curves throughout, and the tail-like form of the seat, if the name doesn't instantly give it away. We initially assumed it was just a design rendering with no chance of being built on real water, but Tarform actually has plans to make it a reality. It is noted that the production version may eventually vary in appearance and specification because the present iteration is still in the conceptual stage.

To create a water toy that is both a work of art and a sporty, zero-emissions ride, it was inspired by manta rays, which have glided across oceans for millions of years. The Raye PWC resembles a chunk of molten metal poured and cooled into a sleek, slick vessel with up to 120 horsepower available.

An all-electric water jet propulsion system with instant torque and acceleration up to a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) is what is currently planned. Two distinct power/range models from Tarform will be available, each providing between 70 and 120 hp and one and a half to two hours of battery life.

Circular digital display and built-in sensors

The Luna motorcycle's intelligent features, including its circular digital display, built-in sensors, machine learning, and over-the-air upgrades, will also be transferred to the Raye. The Luna connects users to cloud services and provides driving data and maintenance diagnostics on a circular 3.4-inch display with 4G connectivity.

The Raye will be available from Tarform with the buyer's choice of composite bodywork made from plants or recycled carbon fiber. It notes that no launch date has been announced but estimates the price at a cool $68,000. We'll see if the Raye follows a similar trend because it took the first Luna motorcycles in just over three years, and a stutter started to show up in driveways.

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