Kaebon launches the EB Eins, the world's lightest electric boat

It is so light that it can be carried on top of your car.
Can Emir
The Kaebon EB Eins
The Kaebon EB Eins


Kaebon, a Munich-based startup, has launched the EB Eins, an electric boat designed to be the lightest motorboat in the world. 

The sleek vessel weighs in at just 196 pounds, due to being crafted from vacuum-tempered foam-core prepreg carbon fiber, light enough to be carried on the roof of a vehicle like a canoe. Its wave-piercing bow, long waterlines, and wedge-like shape maximize efficiency, while the boat's optimized weight allows it to be propelled efficiently by a small motor.

Kaebon's founder, Kai Krause, aimed to create a cleaner, more sustainable form of boating that doesn't compromise performance. The EB Eins offers two Torqeedo e-drive options, the Cruise 6.0 premium drive, and the Cruise 12.0 performance drive, providing propulsive power equivalent to a 9.9-hp or 25-hp gas engine, respectively. The boat can run for 45 minutes at a full performance or up to 10 hours while cruising slowly.

One of the most impressive aspects of the EB Eins is its design. Its light, efficient hull construction means a smaller powertrain can handle propulsion without undercutting performance, and such a powertrain saves weight compared to a larger one. Kaebon replaced traditional metal cleats with textile loops that serve the same function but with a lesser weight penalty. The boat's overall design looks like a wave surging forward from the water, even when it's entirely still.

The EB Eins is perfect for those who love to spend time on the water but want to minimize their environmental impact. With no noisy, polluting gas engine, boaters can glide silently through the water, leaving only a fading wake behind. When the boating season ends, the EB Eins can be stored away in a garage or backyard rather than requiring a particular boat storage solution on water or land.