A team of mechanics runs a Lada on a half gas and half diesel engine

There's no more need to choose between gas or diesel.
Fabienne Lang
The Lada being changedGarage 54/YouTube

The paradox of choice between a gas or a diesel engine may finally come to an end.

The folks over at Garage 54 more or less successfully made a second-hand Lada's motor run on half gasoline and half diesel. The same mechanics in Russia built a DIY air break for a Lada, so they've certainly been keeping busy.

Up until now, no production car combined gas and diesel. But now thanks to Garage 54, you have access to their entire half-gas/half-diesel process via their video posted on YouTube

It appears that the team of mechanics didn't let the different ways of combustion for each fuel get in their way. Their solution? Using two carburetors: one for diesel and one for gas.

After its makeover, the Lada has no trouble driving but fairly soon after the diesel gets into the fuel lines, it faces a few splutters. You notice blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe and the motor loses its full power juice. Regardless, it's still impressive that the Lada even took off at all. 

Vlad from Garage 54 believes the car ran roughly in the end for two possible reasons: fuel contamination or the difference in compression ratio. 

With all that said and done, perhaps you won't be running out to get your hands on the next remodeled half-gas/half-diesel Lada. However, it's still an impressive rearrangement.

Diesel vs. gas

In a nutshell, the differences between gasoline and diesel engines are numerous. 

Generally, diesel engines can provide better fuel economy than the ones run on gasoline , says Work Truck Online. "When gasoline engines near the 120,000-150,000 mile mark (190,000-240,000 km), the cylinders will start to show some wear, which decreases efficiency. Diesel engines, on the other hand, are known for their long life cycle — there are some that are a million miles plus motors," reports Universal Technical Institute (UTI).

A diesel engine’s high torque application is excellent for hauling, as it helps with carrying heavy loads, so in terms of power, a diesel engine can go stronger for longer than a gas one.

Maintenance of a diesel engine typically costs more but it needs to happen less regularly than on a gasoline one. That said,  diesel-run engines' maintenance is more difficult. Moreover, from an operational standpoint, "the gasoline emission system is much easier to operate compared with today’s diesel engine and eliminates the need for DEF," said Baker of Mitsubishi Fuso via UTI.

None of this will matter though if carmakers like Nissan want to stop all combustion engine development in the future.


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