This new Lamborghini concept can tackle sands, soil, and even rocks

It features giant treads instead of wheels.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Lamborghini LMXX2.Courtesy of Michael Hritz, aka Hritzkrieg.

Lamborghinis are already marvels of engineering but they become even more so when people decide to upgrade them. This is what designer Michael Hritz, aka Hritzkrieg, did with this new model called the Lamborghini LMXX2.

A rush job to meet an Instagram competition

This new Lamborghini concept can tackle sands, soil, and even rocks
Courtesy of Michael Hritz, aka Hritzkrieg.

You can see from the pictures that it's got some impressive treads that run all around the car making it clear that it can tackle even the most difficult terrains such as sands, rocks and soil. IE spoke to Hritzkrieg about his innovative design and he surprisingly described it as "a rush job to meet an Instagram competition deadline."

The competition he is referring to is the AGP Contest on Instagram which asked participants to conceive of a design using the keywords “Desert + Lamborghini + Future”.

"The night before the deadline I thought, what kind of insanity would the Italians come up with. Having spent time driving on sand dunes and ridden in an RWD Diablo, I knew the whole bottom of the car needed to be traction. So it had to be a tank. In order to keep it low but still have visibility the tracks needed to go over the roof. I quickly pulled out my Oculus Quest 2 and used Gravity Sketch to rough in what was in my head over the next hour. Then I rendered the model out in Cinema4d/Octane in 3 views that were heavily painted-over in photoshop," explained Hritzkrieg,

The intrepid designer said it only took him five hours to come up with the impressive concept. And impressive it is! The prototype car was built with efficiency and power in mind

"As I was quickly 3d modeling in Gravity Sketch I was thinking about some of the specifics such as angling the top track sections so they were slightly more aerodynamic as they traveled back to the front, tucking the track up in the center to better clear obstacles, adding a rear wing that acts more like a fender than an aero element. I also thought as much glass as possible on the canopy would help the user feel less "caged in" by the tracks. I think this was also an exercise in proportions, getting away from the typical side view and how to rebalance it," further noted the designer.

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Powerful prominent tracks

This new Lamborghini concept can tackle sands, soil, and even rocks
Courtesy of Michael Hritz, aka Hritzkrieg.

Hritzkrieg believes the car's tracks will be the most noteworthy and innovative feature of his vehicle.

"I expect (in my head) that this thing won't need a crazy amount of power (and weight that comes with it) to get up even the steepest dunes. It would also be quite the luxurious experience to never get stuck, never have a flat, and be able to skid steer. Thinking about it more, since the tracks weigh more than tires, you can use them when jumping to correct your angle in mid-air. In reality, it would be horribly complicated, I know the engineers looking at this are cringing. Think of the pile of warranty claims," he added.

For now, the car remains a series of images but who knows perhaps Lamborghini will be inspired to create a real-life version.

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