Lamborghini's all-electric car concept to be unveiled this week

The luxury car maker has a hybrid lineup planned and may not see an electric car in production till the end of this decade.
Ameya Paleja
Lamborghini teased with a silhouette of its upcoming car
Lamborghini teased with a silhouette of its upcoming car


Luxury carmaker Lamborghini took to social media to tease its potential all-electric vehicle concept ahead of its official unveiling on Friday this week. Lamborghini is participating in the Monterey Car Week, held in California every year.

When Elon Musk's Tesla started building electric vehicles, legacy car makers could not be bothered much. A decade later, Tesla is the preferred EV in global markets and popular brands are playing catch up. The tale is now repeating itself with luxury car makers dragging their feet on the electric lineup, even as the world looks to go electric for transportation.

Catering to a different market

It was two years ago that Lamborghini outlined its plans for the electrification of its offerings but set the deadline for the production of an all-electric vehicle at the end of the decade.

The Italian carmaker does not seem to be in a hurry since its potential customers are gunning for engines that can make some noise, instead of quieting down. Electrek makes a valid point in its report when it says that V8 engine-powered supercars have been sold out for years to come, so there isn't something that forcing the car makers to stop what they are doing and try something new.

Luxury car makers aren't catering to the average Joe who is worried about off-peak charging, has range anxiety, or is looking for mileage on his EV, things that the likes of Tesla have addressed.

Instead, they seem to be preparing the ground for an easier transition to electric vehicles, which according to Lamborghini's own account is becoming "increasingly concrete and tangible".

Lamborghini's path to an all-electric car

The way Lamborghini is setting this up is through a trio of hybrid electric vehicles that are now entering production and will be available to users by the end of next year. The first in line is the Revuelto with a V12 internal combustion engine with three electric ones, expected early next year, The Verge reported.

Lamborghini's all-electric car concept to be unveiled this week
Artist's representation of an electric supercar

Following this, there are the hybrid versions of Huracán, and Urus models as well as limited production of Sian roadsters. That leaves the company with a lot of time to unveil and put into production its all-electric vehicle, before the 2030 deadline it has set for itself.

More information about the potential features of the vehicle might become available on 18 August, when Lamborghini plans to lift the veil. Interestingly, the carmaker also told Auto Express that they wanted thier first all-electric vehicle to be more "daily useable". Therefore, one could expect this car to offer four people seating and have a higher floor clearance.

If that is indeed the route the company wants to take, it may not be a really good idea to delay its electric entry for that long. After all, new entrants like Rimac have already demonstrated electric hypercars that can go 0-62 miles an hour in less than two seconds.

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