Lamborghini's first all-electric hypercar to have more than 1,341 hp

Lanzador will feature twin electric motors that give it all-wheel drive capabilities.
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Lamborghini Lanzador
Lamborghini Lanzador

Looking at a more sustainable future, the raging bull has set its eyes on the path of electrification. Italian performance carmaker Lamborghini has finally showcased its first all-electric car, Lanzador. The brand's battery-powered hypercar concept is a high-riding 2+2 Gran Tourismo with an aggressive stance and is slated to enter production in 2028. 

Lanzador is part of Lamborghini's Direzione Cor Tauri strategy announced in 2021, which is intended to take the brand towards decarbonization and electrification. With the new model, the brand plans to usher in a "new car segment, the Ultra GT, which is poised to offer customers a new and unparalleled driving experience, one that’s quintessentially Lamborghini, thanks to groundbreaking technologies," said Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, in a statement

A powerful SUV Coupe

The styling on the Lanzador is a mix of its Urus and Sian models, and it's fair to best describe it as a high-riding SUV coupe, a segment that has been gaining popularity recently. The vehicle's height stands at 5 feet (1.5 meters), much lower than its SUV sibling. Like the Urus, high ground clearance and seating for four adults are likely to make Lanzador a very practical car for everyday usage as well. 

Lamborghini's first all-electric hypercar to have more than 1,341 hp
The rear of the Lamborghini Lanzador

Lamborghini remains tight-lipped about the technical and performance specification of the powertrain on the Lanzador. All it has given away is that it has two electric motors, one for each axle, allowing for all-wheel drive capabilities. Whereas the peak output from the system surpasses one megawatt, which is 1,341hp.

The aerodynamics of the Lanzador can be optimized for driving and range. The amount of air resistance may be changed to suit each driver's preference. It uses the brand's active aerodynamics systems, which are used in the front and rear to maximize aerodynamic effectiveness in the various driving modes. "This technology enables the car to regulate airflow precisely, increasing the range in Urban mode and increasing downforce in Performance mode."

The firm says that the car can adapt flawlessly to every surface and driver-defined settings owing to its steerable rear axle and air suspension, easily accessible through steering wheel controls.

Details on the interiors are scarce. Lamborghini says it follows its "Feel like a pilot" design approach with front occupants accommodated in an "ergonomic environment, with a light, slim control panel that makes it possible to actively modify the car’s behavior while driving."

Lamborghini's first all-electric hypercar to have more than 1,341 hp
Cabin of the Lamborghini Lanzador

The firm has also used Merino wool and regenerated carbon fiber, among other eco-friendly materials, to show its dedication to minimizing its environmental effect. Some unseen plastic components, like the foam in the sports seats, are produced from recycled fibers manufactured using 3D technology.

Switch to EVs

The Lanzador serves as a sneak peek of things to come. The model is part of its €1.9 billion ($2 billion) electrification strategy that Lamborghini embarked upon in 2021. According to its plan, it would initially release petrol-electric hybrid versions of every model in its portfolio before bringing in an all-electric model in 2028. Revulto, a plug-in hybrid version of its Aventador hypercar, is slated to launch in 2024.

"Lanzador represents a true milestone for Lamborghini as the company continues actively working to electrify its entire range of vehicles and to achieve decarbonization. The new concept car is part of a broad strategy to reduce CO2 emissions and embrace a more sustainable vision for the future."

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