Lamborghini's Highly-Anticipated Vision GT Bears a Striking Resemblance to the Batmobile

Unveiled at the Gran Turismo Championships in Monaco, fans are thrilled.
Fabienne Lang

Lamborghini's newest and flashiest car model was unveiled on Sunday at the World Finals of the Gran Turismo Championships, which took place in Monte Carlo, Monaco. 

It's sleek, futuristic, undeniably cool and fast, and what most people are saying is that it looks just like the Batmobile. Could this be Batman's next ride? 

The Vision Gran Turismo, or Vision GT, was revealed on stage, offering the world a glimpse of Lamborghini's epic creation. 


The Vision GT and the Batmobile

Batman's iconic vehicle was used to speed him through the streets of Gotham in style and security. The Batmobile, as it's called, has gone down in movie history as one of the most famous cars in fiction. 

So far, none of Lamborghini's cars have resembled the Batmobile, but now, the Vision GT takes the ticket. 

A tweet posted by Gran Turismo on Twitter showed the dramatic unveiling of the Vision GT during their World Finals in Monaco. The cover hiding the car was lifted off in style, putting on display the flashy new supercar. 

Perfectly-timed music, lighting, and filming enabled the world to see what Lamborghini has been working on. And it's been worth the wait. 

Almost as soon as the car was unveiled, fans started likening it to a modern era Batmobile. One can certainly imagine Batman at the wheel of the Vision GT, as he whizzes past bystanders on his mission to fight crime. 

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Unfortunately for the Bruce Waynes of the world, this car won't be so easy to own. On the flip side, you can expect the Vision GT to appear in upcoming racing games, allowing gamers to try out the car virtually on a track.

Those looking to try it out for themselves will be able to do so on PlayStation 4's iconic game Gran Turismo Sport.

It has to be said that even in a video game this car will be fun to manoeuver. 

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