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A special edition version of the Land Rover has been designed by the SVO team to take the Rugby World Cup on a 100 day tour around the UK along with Ireland. The vehicle has been kitted out with a special climate controlled glass case which is going to house the Webb Ellis Cup for fans of rugby to see.


[Image Source: Land Rover]

The glass case has been treated with anti-glare glass and has been specifically designed to make sure that it doesn’t get condensation or fog in the interior to spoil the view of the cup. It also features a locking mechanism, with this and the climate controlled system working via an app on a Toshiba Encore 10 inch tablet.


[Image Source: Land Rover]

The case was also designed with a lighting system that has three modes and the 40 inch TV in the back of the Land Rover shows classic rugby matches from the past. The Defender has been kitted out with many touches of the World Cup. The leather seating has the World Cup logo embroidered into the headrests while gold stitching and blue piping finish off the look.


[Image Source: Land Rover]

The Land Rover is powered by the 2.2 litre diesel engine and this comes with the 6 speed manual gearbox. It has off the road gear including a raised air intake, winch and aluminium sump guard. The SVO division of Land Rover fitted out the Defender with off road tires of SVO to give the vehicle a much broader stance.


[Image Source: Land Rover]

The special edition Land Rover was revealed in spectacular fashion as it was floated down the river Thames inside an artificial rugby ball of 8.2 meters and unveiled at the Tower Bridge in London.

land-rover-world-cup-defender-1land-rover-world-cup-defender-8 land-rover-world-cup-defender-3 land-rover-world-cup-defender-2 land-rover-world-cup-defender-6

[Image Source: Land Rover]


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