Lay 'Low' With this Custom 1989 Toyota Pickup

Try laying low with this green Toyota.
Utku Kucukduner
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If you plan to lay low, getting a lowrider is ironically not such a great idea. And then you have to consider that you can go overboard with a lowrider too. If train honks and custom hydraulic suspensions don't cut it for you, why not peel off the roof and make the hood crack open forwards? This recent listing on the Facebook Marketplace has it all and even more...

Lay 'Low' With this Custom 1989 Toyota Pickup
Source: Facebook Marketplace

Posted by Billy Mallack this highly customized lowrider pickup is just out there, in the open. It is a mix of Jaguar S-Type, Toyota Celica, and Lexus GS. Simply put, even the most vehement car enthusiast would not assume that it had been once a workhorse type of pickup.

Lay 'Low' With this Custom 1989 Toyota Pickup
Source: Facebook Marketplace


The front doors scissor out like it's the early 2000s and the most of window frames are thrown off the window to fit a convertible top. The top folds in a way that would worry a passerby that the truck has collapsed from overloading. In all fairness, though, the truck is likely in prime condition. Its odometer reads 40,000 miles (64,373 km) and the owner claims to have reinforced the ride.

Although a sinful treat, the modified Toyota pickup might be worth saving for though. Lately, the decade-old pickup scene has been gaining traction. The barebones and the custom hydraulics of the truck might be worth paying up this much. The listing says that it's currently $1,234 on the Marketplace but there's a $10,000 figure squeezed in the description.

Lay 'Low' With this Custom 1989 Toyota Pickup
Source: Facebook Marketplace

Taking into account the average price of second hand Toyota pickups, we might assume that the seller mistakenly slipped in an extra 0 in there, but who knows. 


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