Lexus Creates Its First Ever Luxury MiniVan

The Lexus LM will go on sale in Asian markets for an estimated six figure price.
Jessica Miley

Lexus showed off its first ever luxury minivan at last month’s Auto Shanghai 2019. The very expensive executive car will bedazzle visitors to the show with an enormous amount of chrome and luxurious detailing.

Luxury minivans is a big business in the Asian and European markets where executives are often driven in small groups between meetings and work sites.


The Lexus LM Minivan has some sleek styling with dashing details of an oversized front grill and unusual rear spoiler. Despite its ‘van-like’ shape - this is not a vehicle for picking up the kids from soccer practice.

Inside, the LM comes in two configurations, four-seater executive version or the seven-seater family edition. Both variances will give the passengers a ride in comfort with big seats finished in high-quality fabrics.

Attention to detail

Your ride is augmented by the addition of a 26-inch screen, glass privacy partition, and a retro-styled analog clock. For rainy climates, the van has umbrella storage as well as two essential mini-fridges. Customers can pick from either the LM 350 with a 3.5-liter engine or the LM 300h with an electrified 2.5-liter four-cylinder, as well as a choice between a front- and an all-wheel-drive layout.

Intense suspension and acoustic insulation will ensure a smooth and uninterrupted ride. The Lexus LM will go on sale in China and Asian markets later this year, at an estimated cost of about $100,000. Lexus is better known as a luxury car brand that makes sedans and sports cars.

Aimed at one market

The LM is the only van in their range. Many observers seem confused by Lexus’s foray into the van market. But there is obviously a need for the car in the Asian region. In an era when time and productivity is a priority, it makes sense that transport time is a useful time.

Having a luxury car where you can possibly have a meeting, complete work or comfortably rest is likely a big drawcard for China’s executives. The Shanghai Auto Show ran from the 18 - 25 April this year. The show has been running every other year for more than three decades.

Wheel luxury minivans are fun most of the attention was directed towards the Chinese companies making electric vehicles. Unlike the US and Europe China has a much larger EV startup market.

Many small companies used the show to show off prototype vehicles that range from fully autonomous cars without steering wheels to passenger plugin varieties.

One of the leading car makers is ‘Build Your Dreams' or BYD.

The company was founded in 1995 and has grown from a small startup to become a global brand with Over 200 thousand employees today. BYD showed BYD exhibited 23 new car models at the car show, with the most impressive being their electric and hybrid models.

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