Lincoln's new electric concept car reimagines luxury as the essence of sustainability

Including lo-fi beats and a special 'fragrances.'
Ameya Paleja
The newly unveiled Star Concept car from LincolnLincoln Motor Company

Lincoln, the Ford-owned luxury car brand recently announced its intent to bring to the market four new electric vehicles by 2026, while also unveiling its Lincoln Star concept car, The Verge reported

During its over 100 years in the automobile market, Lincoln Motor Company has been known for making luxurious cars. As the automotive industry is set for a major change, Lincoln will transition to electric vehicles (EVs) but continue its signature trait of bringing the best-in-class luxuries to its products. The company gave us a glimpse of what one can expect from its future line-up during the unveiling of its concept car.

The Lincoln Star concept

With the revelations made about the concept so far, Lincoln has managed to move the conversation about EVs away from range and battery charging times to what they can offer as an immersive experience. On its part, Lincoln wants to titillate at least three of your senses as it plays around with light, sounds, and fragrances in the car to make your rides smoother. 

As reported by The Verge, Lincoln will include three mood settings in the car, one for calm mornings, one for the reenergizing senses during the day, and one for relaxing evenings to help the passengers in the car wind down.

Carriage doors, chic body style, an eye-pleasing aerodynamic profile, and additional drawer-style storage in the front are more reasons why someone would want to bring this futuristic car home. 

Either because it is a concept car or simply because it does not want to give away too much information at this early stage, Lincoln makes no mention of the drivetrain or battery pack these cars are likely to come with. 

Powered by Ford

Needless to say, the car will be powered by Ford, which now has not one but two EV platforms. The Ford F-150 Lightning is a decent SUV to build up a Lincoln Navigator on. Alternatively, there is the Mustang Mach-E that could be developed further to suit Lincoln's styles. 

As The Verge reported, Lincoln was hoping to work with Rivian to roll out its electric SUVs. But since those plans did not work out, the carmaker ditched the number of cars it wants to roll out and with a 2026 timeline, we could end up with some interesting high-end cars in the EV market. 

After all, Lincoln just launched a new Navigator in the U.S. market and a new Zephyr in China. So, it can surely roll-out its EVs with some time to spare. 

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