Lotus C-01- Unleash Their First Motorbike - The Tron-Like C-01

Interesting Engineering

British sports and racing car manufacturer, Lotus has taken a step into the motorcycle sector with the stunning Lotus C-01. Just by looking at it, thoughts of the 2010 Tron movie may come to mind, and you won't be at fault. The lead designer of the project is none other than Daniel Simon, the man behind the design of the Light Cycle used in the Disney movie. Simon is an ex-designer for car manufacturer Bugatti, though he left to focus on designs for movies. This new Lotus C-01 isn't just a concept, Lotus plans to make and sell 100 of these for around $140,000.

LotusBike[Image SourcE: Lotus]

“With the Lotus C-01, we have only one ambition: to create a unique state-of-the-art machine that carries its brutal force with elegance and style, a high-tech monster in a tailored suit," said Simon.

The driver will find himself sitting atop a 4-stroke V-twin engine producing 200 bhp. Imagine the power of a Renault Sport Clio in something that weighs just 181 kg. This is partly thanks to the chassis being made with liberal use of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. Lotus, however will have no part in the build of the bike and is acting merely as a name and logo. The bike will actually be built by German auto racing firm Kodewa - known for building the Lotus Le Mans racer. It will be made with components supplied by the Holzer Group, which specializes in making things that go into outer space.

LotusBike2[Image SourcE: Lotus]

The Super-bike is undoubtedly beautiful, though the $140,000 price tag is buying more  engineering art, rather than a proper super-bike. Motorbike lovers have expressed their opinion of the fashion over function design. The rake angle-the angle of the front wheel fork to the bike-is typically low for sports bikes, something around 20-30 degrees. The Lotus C-01 however has a whopping 52 degrees between the fork and bike. This has lead to predictions of poor handling, but doesn't restrict it being a beast on a straight line track.

Still, Güther Holzer, CEO of the Holzer Group has stated that the C-01 “...found that delicate balance between raw, aggressive power and breath-taking handling.” Other concerns have been expressed over aerodynamics; the fairing that hangs over the headlamp looks to offer no protection to the driver from head on wind resistance. No specs on top speed or acceleration have been released, we will have to sit tight to wait and see just how the Lotus C-01 will perform.

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