Lucid Motor's First EV Drives 445 Miles Without Charging

Tesla, look out. You have a solid rival.
Fabienne Lang
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Now that electric vehicles have a firm stance on the market, automakers are focusing their expertise on improving them, and one big focus is on their range. 

For years, Tesla has been holding the key to EVs with the longest range, with its Model S Plaid packing a decent 396-mile range, and its Roadster promising a mighty 620-mile range when it joins our roads.

But until the Roadster comes to life, Tesla has a formidable rival who just threw their hat in the ring, and it comes in the form of Lucid Motor's Lucid Air EV.

Lucid Air saw its debut roughly a year ago, and now it's finally here with its impressive 517-mile range. More to the point, the Lucid Air just completed a 445-mile (716 kilometers) journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco without any charging — turning it into a very strong EV sedan contender. 

Californian road trip

The journey in question was carried out by Motortrend's Jonny Lieberman, who praised the EV's prowess on all fronts. It's apparently an incredible vehicle inside and outside. Its sleek and futuristic exterior is beautifully complemented by the Air's wonderfully finished and refined interior.

It has a blend of wood, leather, metal, and linen-like materials, according to Lieberman. And it offers unique touches, such as two little Bear Republic emblems neatly embedded into the side of the front car seats. 

And when it comes to driving the Lucid Air, Lieberman waxed lyrical about the EV. Not only does its 933 horsepower move it quickly, but it also takes tight corners with ease, and offers three drive modes: Smooth, Swift, and Sprint — making the drive as enjoyable as possible. 

In the end, Lieberman's Lucid Air still had 30 miles of range remaining, while his accompanying counterpart who drove in tandem, Lucid Motors' CEO Peter Rawlinson, had 72 miles left — the range discrepancy lay in the fact that Rawlinson maximized hypermiling.

Given "range anxiety" is a real thing, it's easy to see how Lucid's Air could become a top contender for people looking to buy an EV. You'll just have to dish out the starting price of $169,000 for either of Lucid's EVs: the Dream Edition Range model, and the Dream Edition Performance model. 

Lieberman's latest trip was carried out in a Dream Edition Range model, and both models are due to start being shipped out in late 2021. 

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