Lucid’s Drag Coefficient Lower Than Tesla and Porsche Taycan, Topping EV Aerodynamics

Lucid Air is now the world’s most aero-efficient luxury car.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The photo credit line may appear like thisLucid Motors

Lucid Motors announced on Tuesday that it has achieved a new benchmark in aerodynamic efficiency for its luxury electric car, the Lucid Air. Lucid Air scored a coefficient of drag of 0.21, making it the world’s most aero-efficient luxury car.


This drag beats previous records held by the Porsche Taycan Turbo (0.22) and the Tesla Model 3 (0.23).

“Aerodynamic efficiency plays a key role in achieving world-beating range and performance and is particularly valuable to an EV in that it provides “smart range” independent of battery pack size. So naturally, we intensively focused upon aerodynamics throughout the Lucid Air’s development.” said in a statement Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors.

“Our aero team worked seamlessly with design and engineering counterparts, establishing aero efficiency as a core tenet of Lucid Air from its very inception, enabling us to achieve this new standard.”

The benchmark was achieved at Windshear’s facility in Concord, North Carolina, one of the most advanced automotive wind tunnels in the world. Lucid was inspired by the design of racing cars from Formula One to engineer its special Lucid Air.

The firm took into account everything to make the car more aerodynamic including its surface and shape. “Key to our development process was creating Lucid’s own meticulous aerodynamic design philosophy for electric vehicles honed from years of success in Formula One.” said Jean-Charles Monnet, Lead Aerodynamicist, Lucid Motors.

Monnet added that the team did not just aim to have the lowest coefficient of drag, they also sought to "have a highly balanced performance vehicle with precisely managed airflow in all aspects.”

Aerodynamics matter in all vehicles but they are of particular importance in electric vehicles. In these types of vehicles, the greater the aerodynamics, the less carmakers need to depend on battery size to achieve their target range.  

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