Man from Canada unlocked someone else’s Tesla, using his app

Two Model 3’s parked next to each other caused confusion.
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Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3


There are many benefits to using your smartphone as your Tesla key. Thanks to the fewer items you need to carry, you can easily open your car, get in, and start driving without turning a key.

According to Tesla owner Rajesh Randev, stationed in Canada, you can occasionally hop in and drive someone else's electric vehicle.

Randev picked up his children from school earlier in March by getting into his white Tesla Model 3 parked on a Vancouver street. The only issue was that, as he later admitted to Global News, he entered a virtually identical white Model 3 parked next to his own.

He informed the publication that after around 15 minutes, he noticed strange things about the car he was driving, such as a fracture in the glass and a missing phone charger. He informed the newspaper that, in his opinion, his Tesla phone app gave him access to someone else's Tesla.

That's not all, though. The error has also operated in the other direction. According to Randev, the other Tesla driver engaged in the mix-up could use his Tesla key card to open Randev's parked vehicle. In this manner, he could locate Randev's phone number on a piece of paper inside the car and notify him of the mishap.

Driving for around 90 minutes

Overall, Randev could pick up his children and return to the stranger's car without incident after driving for around 90 minutes. He began to doubt the security of his vehicle after the incident.

Some of the more appealing technological aspects of Tesla vehicles include their large touchscreens and the ability to use a phone as a key. Yet, as Randev's example demonstrates, unexpected software glitches or hackers could become more common due to improved technology.

Researchers have proven ways to drive and unlock Teslas over time by simulating the owner's phone or key card signal. Nonetheless, Insider isn't aware of any high-tech burglaries or thefts.

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