Man Invents DIY Autonomous Charging System for his Tesla Model S

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When you own a Tesla or any other car that runs exclusively on electricity, you must remember to plug your vehicle in each night or you may run out of juice the next day. While reaching down and plugging your Tesla Model S in really isn't that hard of a task, odds are you wish it could be automated. One Model S owner has created his very own autonomous charging rig for his car, and it takes all the hassle out of plugging your car in. Check it out.

This video doesn't show anything too technologically advanced, but it does prove that with a little ingenuity, you can automate your life. Tesla themselves are admittedly working on a solution to automate the charging process. So far they have created a serpentine robotic arm that plugs the charger into the car, but no word on when, if ever, it will be released.

The charging robot in this video is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and it is undoubtedly a little slow to get things going. Deepak Mital, the man behind this invention, plans on making the specifications of how to build this device public so other Tesla owners can make their own.

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tesla charging station[Image Source: Deepak Mital]

Until Tesla comes out with their own serpentine charging device that was teased 2 years ago, this is the best way to automate Tesla's charging process. It just goes to show that if you hate having to plug your car in, you can engineer a solution that will keep you from doing all the hard work.

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