Mc Clic's easy-to-fly personal eVTOL will set you back $150,000

The solo-passenger aircraft can be flown with just 10 minutes of training, but a full battery charge gives you 12-15 minutes of fly time.
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Mc One eVTOL in flight
Mc One eVTOL in flight

Mc Clic 

Fancy a plus-sized drone that you can pilot with minimal training? Monaco-based Mc Clic is promising to offer its prospective customers just that with its Mc One personal electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. 

Mc Clic, an aerial photography and drone show company, has simplified the experience with users being able to fly the coaxial octocopter with just 10 minutes of training. The firm finished its manned test flight of the Mc One in 2022 after carrying out a series of tests and a significant number of flight hours. According to Monaco News, Mc Clic has already started receiving orders for Mc One, and deliveries will start next year. The cost of each drone is pegged at $150,000.

The eVTOL is assembled in Monaco, with a majority of its parts sourced indigenously, such as the one-piece pilot’s cockpit made in Antibes.

Specifications that are suitable for short journeys  

Mc Clic aims to offer an ideal solution to short inter-city runs, with the Mc One being capable of accommodating just one passenger who will be placed on top of the vehicle. The driver is devoid of any canopy, windshield, or cabin, which can affect the overall experience of flying an airborne vehicle at considerable speeds.

Mc Clic's easy-to-fly personal eVTOL will set you back $150,000
A stationary Mc One

The weight of the eVTOL stands at around 353 lb (160 kg) and can accommodate a pilot weighing up to 198 lb (90 kg). A full battery charge will give you 12-15 minutes of flight time, and full speed forward will allow a maximum angle of 55 degrees, with a controlled top speed of 50mph (80 km/h). Eight rotors powered by electric motors provide the necessary lift and thrust for the eVTOL, though the firm does not release details regarding the power on offer and battery capacity.

Mc One offers a vertical climb rate of up to 8m/s and also offers an automatic flight control system which can minimize the need for pilot inputs for a successful flight. Most of the tedious tasks of balancing, staying in one place, and adjusting against wind gusts are completely automated, enabled by a drone-like automated flight system.

"For Mc Clic, flying simply and without constraint means discovering the world differently. This is what Mc One allows. Quickly, on board, you transform into an easy rider of modern times," said a blog post from the company.

In a highly competitive and evolving personal eVTOL market, the high-priced and sparsely equipped Mc One will have a tough fight with other offerings like Jetson One, which comes at a much lower sticker price. However, more competition will definitely help in advancing the sector at a faster pace.

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