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There are plenty of bikes out on the market but most companies stick to the traditional design as anything off the ordinary is at risk of not being a success. The MC2 from IDSG Engineering and Trading however is a transforming bike which can be arranged into one of eight different configurations.


[Image Source: MC2 Bike]

The MC2 has been moslty shown in what is called the Cruiser mode which takes on the appearance of a tricycle/penny farthing type bike. When you look at the pedals on the front wheel in this set-up you might immediately think of fixed gear bikes, however, in this case the wheel hub of the bike comes with a planetary gear system and two brake rotors. The company behind the MC2 claim that it is the world’s first transforming bike and it was shown off at Eurobike recently.


[Image Source: MC2 Bike]

The bike has taken many hours of engineering and manufacturing in order to get rid of the chain. Instead of using the fixed gear drive that has a constant ratio, the MC2 bike offers planetary gears and this controls the front drive ratio, along with allowing the rider to coast along.


[Image Source: MC2 Bike]

The designers chose disc brakes and not just one, but two rotors on the front of the bike and also threw in a suspension seat-post system for good measure too. The bike's handlebars can be adjusted for the perfect height and they have a quick release for easy dismantling and adjustment. The frame can also be configured to adjust riding position and the wheelbase.


[Image Source: MC2 Bike]

The MC2 isn’t just a new design concept when it comes to the frame, it showcases numerous component ideas from the engineers.

The bike offers a stem that can be adjusted by height with a quick release mechanism. They also factored in a parallelogram type suspension on the seat-post for comfort of the rider. Quite fittingly, the name MC2 stands for multi-configurable 2 - although we're kinda thinking that MC8 would have been more appropriate.


[Image Source: MC2 Bike]

So rather than run the risk of designing a non-traditional bike, IDSG Engineering and Trading have decided to offer you 8 in 1. What are your thoughts? Is the amount of configurations pointless or does it get you feeling for your wallet?


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