Mercedes' VISION EQXX traveled over 620 miles on a single charge

It also broke the efficiency record.
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Mercedes VISION EQXX Mercedes

Mercedes just announced that the company has beaten the range anxiety as it announced that it could do over 621 miles (1,000 km) on one charge.

Mercedes has previously claimed that its electric vehicle, the VISION EQXX, could do over 621 miles on a single charge, but now the vehicle has proved itself by demonstrating such a feat — after two years of conception, development, and testing.

"We did it! Powering through more than 1,000 kilometers with ease on a single battery charge and a consumption of only 8.7 kWh/100 km in real-world traffic conditions. The VISION EQXX is the most efficient Mercedes ever built. The technology programme behind it marks a milestone in the development of electric vehicles. It underpins our strategic aim to ‘Lead in Electric’," says Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. 

The VISION EQXX traveled in everyday traffic from Sindelfingen, across the Swiss Alps and Northern Italy, to its final destination of Cassis on the Côte d'Azur in France in 11 hours and 32 minutes of drive time. 

VISION EQXX’s journey started in cold and rainy conditions and was undertaken at regular road speeds, including prolonged fast-lane cruising at up to 87 mph (140 kph) on the German autobahn and near the speed limit elsewhere. 

Upon arrival, the state of charge of the battery was around 15 percent, amounting to a remaining range of around 87 miles (140 km), with a record-breaking low average consumption of 8.7 kWh per 60 miles (100 km) thus taking electric vehicle efficiency to a whole new level.

At 4,977 mm in length, 1,870 mm in width, and 1,350 mm in height, the Vision EQXX is 31 mm longer, 91 mm narrower, and 162 mm lower than Mercedes' electric-powered saloon EQE. The electric vehicle's wheelbase is 310 mm shorter than EQE, at 2,800 mm.

EQXX’s achievement really shows that all the innovations Mercedes has developed are working. 

"With our successful road trip to the South of France, we’ve shown that efficiency is the new currency. The VISION EQXX is the result of a comprehensive programme that provides a blueprint for the future of automotive engineering. With the VISION EQXX, we will keep testing the limits of what’s possible," says Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Chief Technology Officer responsible for Development and Purchasing.

With its sporty, sleek, and futuristic design, the VISION EQXX will likely end up rivaling other luxury EVs.

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