Miami Just Made Your Childhood Dream of Becoming a Jetson Possible

Among the countless luxe amenities available at the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, the nearly-finished SkyDeck will feature a pool with a rising floor to accommodate the landing of the world's first flying cars.
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Miami's glistening Paramount Worldcenter represents a feat of engineering even in the bare fact that it currently stands as America's largest construction project. However, it is the inclusion of a 60th-floor SkyDeck inspired by your favorite cartoon futurists, The Jetsons, that has the world talking.

The Paramount's SkyDeck Pool features a convertible floor that can transform into a launch and landing space for flying vehicles. At 700 feet tall and at a cool $600 million, this luxury residential tower composes only a part of the stunning four-billion-dollar monolith that is the entire 27-acre Worldcenter.


Replicating the shape of a superyacht's stern, the Paramount Skydeck and Lounge offers everything from tai chi classes to world-class astronomy observation decks. 

With a desire to place Miami as the Manhattan of the southeast, the designers and primary funders of the Paramount Worldcenter looked only to futuristic elements and extreme innovation when plotting out this architectural wonder.

The Skyport will be accessible to residents from the ground floor via a glass elevator that can likewise ferry residents who landed their flying vehicles on the roof down to their respective abodes.

Talks are already underway to commission the air services of the South Florida VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) companies to assist affluent residents in avoiding congested streets and inconvenient urban delays. 

Source: World Satellite Television News

So, what exactly is the deal with these Jetson cars everyone is raving about? A Dutch company called PAL-V (Personal Air Landing Vehicle) has already secured 70 orders for the PAL-V Pioneer, the world's first flying car, complete with retractable tail wings and propellers.

Source: World Satellite Television News

This fascinating leap forward in automotive ability features a top speed of 200 miles per hour in the air and requires a mere 600 feet of takeoff space. It runs on regular gasoline rather than aviation fuel, and can also generate speeds of up to 100 miles per hour on the ground.

The Pioneer can soar up to altitudes of 12,500 feet and gets a whopping 400 miles per tank of fuel in the air or on land. Though a current price tag of $599,000 each may at first glance seem off-putting, comparing that price to the common costs of contemporary land-bound exotic vehicles such as Ferraris or Lamborghinis (which can cost nearly that much with no option of flight) makes the previous sticker shock reappear almost like a bargain.

Miami Just Made Your Childhood Dream of Becoming a Jetson Possible
Source: World Satellite Television News

The Paramount SkyDeck is slated to be completed by the end of this year and PAL-V estimates that flights in the Pioneer will be as common as jaunts in your old Prius within the next ten. Have Rosie the Robot book your flight to Miami today. 


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