Mitsubishi to launch the new Delica Mini super height-wagon microcar in May

The vehicle takes its name from the Delica minivan, combining a spacious interior with powerful driving.
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Mitsubishi Delica Mini
Mitsubishi Delica Mini


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has announced the release of a new Delica Mini super height-wagon kei-car (a vehicle category in Japan for microcars).

The car aims to provide a reliable and active super-height-wagon kei-car for outdoor activities and daily use. The new Delica Mini has been based on the Delica minivan, which combines a spacious interior with powerful driving and has been designed to feature an SUV-like style, functional cabin, and secure and pleasant road performance.

Mitsubishi Motors have received an overwhelming response for pre-orders of the new Delica Mini. Since pre-orders began on January 13th, as of April 5th, Mitsubishi had already received around 9,000 orders. The 4WD models have been the most popular, with 60 percent of customers selecting them. The fully equipped Premium models have also been popular, accounting for more than 80 percent of orders. Mitsubishi's wide range of orders is most coming from families with children and customers who enjoy outdoor activities.

The Delica Mini's features

The new Delica Mini offers a range of features, including a tough SUV look, a spacious and comfortable interior room, and secure and comfortable road performance and safety equipment suitable for outdoor activities and everyday life. It also includes MI-PILOT driver assistance technology, active safety technology, grip control, hill descent control, and adaptive LED headlights to assist nighttime driving. The car also comes with dealer options to enjoy customization, including the Active Tone Style for an urban environment and the Wild Adventure Style for outdoor adventures.

The exterior and interior of the car are based on the design theme of Daily Adventure. The Delica-like front face, large-diameter 15-inch tires, and specially tuned shock absorbers have received a favorable reception from customers. The interior of the car features stain-resistant, breathable, water-repellant fabric for seats, raised embossment to the sitting surface and center of the seatbacks, and a horizontally-themed instrument panel with a black base color. The car also includes long rear-seat slider tracks and a variety of seat arrangements, rear sliding doors for easy ingress and egress, and a stain-resistant cargo room. The rear circulator fans the rear seats, and Plasmacluster technology has been installed in the car to provide clean air for the passengers.