Movpak: The backpack with a foldout electric skateboard

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Everyone has their personal method of commuting and the Movpak is bring another possibility to the table. The Movpak is a backpack that features a foldout electric skateboard, designed for 'last-mile transportation'. You can pack the skateboard in an instant with no zips or fiddly straps.

movpak_backpack_ev-7[Image Source: Movpak]

Designed by a Brazilian startup company with the same name, the Movpak offers speeds of up to 15 mph (24 kmh) and a range of 9 miles (14 km) on a single battery charge. The battery last for around 2 hours and so may require a little charge when you're at work. It weighs just 7.7 kg and with measurements of 60 x 30 cm, it can easily be carried onto busy trains and buses. Acceleration is controlled with a wireless handset and steering is much like you'd expect from a skateboard; lean to the right or left to turn.

You just pull up the backpack with a snap, releasing the board, and the board slides back into the bag with a simple push. There's also enough room left in the backpack for a laptop and other personal belongings.

movpak_backpack_ev-4[Image Source: Movpak]

The company have just launched their Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to get the Movpak onto the market. You can pre-order one yourself for a $999 pledge, with the price increasing to $1,190 after the first production run, then $1,299 before eventually becoming available through more traditional retail outlets next year for $1,999.

If you're worried about carrying around that weight all the time the Movpak does come with a nifty handle so that you can make the most of the skateboard wheels even when you're not riding it, pulling it along like a luggage trolley. It seems a handly little solution to cutting out the walking parts of your commute and daily travels, as long as the streets are not too crowded.

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