Multi-point Turn Technology

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Jaguar Land Rover has recently released publicly details about Multi-point Turn Technology prototype being explored by their research team in the UK.

The UK research team is currently working on the development of autonomous driving. The video below is a demonstration of remote control multi-point turn Range Rover technology.

Demonstration Video

This technology involves enabling the vehicle to be controlled via smartphoneMulti-point Turn Technology. Cool and very useful when it comes to navigating difficult terrain or other challenging driving situations. The steering, brakes and throttle can be controlled remotely. This allows the driver to move and position the vehicle in a precise manner. This can be done from outside the vehicle so that the driver can see exactly what is going on even when vision is poor or obstructed from inside the vehicle.

Multi-point Turn Technology[Image Source: Youcar/ Range Rover]

If you have ever needed a passenger or passer by to direct you from outside the vehicle then you will know the problems that obstructed vision can cause even in everyday places such as shopping centre carparks.

Multi-point Turn Technology[Image Source: Youcar/ Range Rover]

This technology provides an easy fix in many common and uncommon situations experienced by drivers.


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