New Feddz E-Bike: Lifestyle Cruiser With Baggage Storage

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Germany based company Emo Bike GmbH have recently designed, built and showcased their new offering - the Feddz. While traditional motorcycles don't really offer much in the way of storage, the Feddz offers 23 litres of space where you would expect to find a fuel tank and engine. This is because the Feddz is an E-Bike, powered by Lithiom batteries and an electric motor and the company are pushing the new technology with the slogan,"Let's Feddz the city."

image_1_1[Image Source: FEDDZ]

The electric motor is built into the hub of the Wheel, leaving the main body of the bike empty. The 23 litre space in the frame houses a rugged Cargo box large enough for a helmet and a space with adjustable straps offers more space for Cargo carrying. As an extra option, a bag with lockable sides can also be installed. Having storage at the centre of the frame certainly offers extra convenience over baskets that hang over the front and rear wheels, distorting the centre of mass.

c25vpv6aehty31gmibzk[Image Source: FEDDZ]

The bikes are powered by a replaceable 48 Volt Lithium-ion battery, weighing in at 11.5 kg, that can be charged from regular sockets (a 7 hour charge can offer 68 miles of useage). There are regular and eco batteries available that Eco Bike claim to offer a range of up to 200 km. The two different versions will offer top speeds of 25 and 45 km/h and come at prices of $8300 and $9725 respectively.

The price may seem rather steep as that sort of Money can get a fairly decent car, however they will be much cheaper to run in the long term and seem extremely well suited to urban city life - certainly easier to find a parking space. Also, depending on your location, you may find reduced costs in the fact that they will not require a license.

t4dytmvgzxfdyzptipsg[Image Source: FEDDZ]

CEO Patriarcheas has said, "For us it's a real challenge to find the right distribution channel. Currently we are searching for local partners in urban areas that really like our Feddz cruisers and are confident on their success."

The Feddz seems like a great green solution to urban travel and we wish success for their mission into city travel.

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