Next-Gen Electric Hydrofoil Speedboat Reaches New Limits

The zero-emission boat sports a 44 kWh battery pack that recharges in about two hours.
Fabienne Lang
Candela C-8Candela

Hydrofoil boats are likely going to catch on in the coming years, as they not only look futuristic and cool but also offer faster and smoother travel times, minimize noise pollution, keep waters calmer, and are electric. What isn't there to love? 

So when Swedish boatbuilder Candela unveiled its latest hydrofoil speedboat, the C-8, ripples of excitement could be felt. 

The company's first-generation hydrofoil speedboat, the C-7, came onto the market last year, turning a few heads along its way, but its next-gen C-8 has the potential to turn even more heads. 

The new 28-footer has been designed to appeal to a larger market and hopes to contend with traditional diesel- or gas-powered speedboats, as its range is higher and its size is bigger than original hydrofoils. 

How will it claim its name to fame? To begin with, its carbon fiber hull is meant to be more efficient than traditional planing speedboats. It also features a next-generation hydrofoil system that boasts an improved sensor suite and avionics — allowing it to soar above the water's surface with less drag and more speed than regular boats. 

And, it doesn't stop there. The C-8's retractable foils and electric motor extend out as the speedboat reaches 16 knots and adjusts in real-time to offer a perfectly smooth and silent ride. And when it's going at full pelt, the boat can reach up to 30 knots. 

When it's foiling, the C-8 has a range of 50 nautical miles — the longest range of any hydrofoil speedboat, per Candela. It also sports a 44 kWh battery pack that recharges in about two hours. All in all, it should make for an exciting, smooth glide. 

As for its space and interiors, Candela took some inspiring liberties. The speedboat can transport up to eight people at a time, including the captain. It's perfect for relaxation as it has a comfy sunbed, a sofa, three plush front-facing seats, and a top-notch audio system. Beneath the surface, an indoor cabin can be turned into a bedroom where two adults and two children can comfily sleep, and there is a toilet and a shower. 

The entire speedboat can be configured to the owner's liking, adding or removing a hardtop cover, and if anyone is feeling nostalgic for a traditional ride over the waves, the hydrofoils can be kept down.

The first C-8s will be on the water starting in Spring 2022, with a starting price of about $339,000. 

There's certainly a market for such hydrofoils, and we're bound to see more and more boatmakers showcasing their designs. They'll definitely benefit many people but also many cities, as is clear with Venice and its sinking buildings. And on the entertainment side, an all-electric hydrofoil powerboat racing series is already in the works for 2023. Perhaps Candela will also work on boats for such a race.

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