Nissan unveils multifunctional futuristic EV, Arizon SUV concept 

The company took over a decade to release its new EV.
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Nissan Arizon SUV concept
Nissan Arizon SUV concept


Japanese automaker Nissan has debuted its latest fully electric vehicle concept, the Arizon SUV, at Auto Shanghai 2023, the company announced

Nissan seeks to cater to China's diverse mobility needs with the "multifunctional partner" vehicle, designed to offer an exciting new experience.

Nissan's Arizon was created by a Chinese team leveraging Nissan's global EV expertise to exceed consumer expectations. The car boasts an impressive exterior design and a luxurious, technology-packed cabin built on the CMF EV platform. The Arizon concept has been designed to be human-centric, with a new virtual personal assistant named Eporo providing a more enjoyable driving experience.

The new Arizon SUV is one of several electric vehicle concepts showcased by Nissan at the Shanghai Auto Show. The automaker has made a late entry into the EV market following the success of its first mass-market EV, the LEAF. While the LEAF became one of the top-selling EVs in Europe in 2018, it has since been surpassed by new models entering the market from competitors like Tesla, GM, and Volkswagen. Nissan has made up for lost time and aims to release 19 new fully electric vehicles by 2030, up from the previously planned 15.

The Arizon concept has been designed specifically for Chinese customers with a personalized solution in mind. The Arizon is part of Nissan's new artistic stage, representing the future of Nissan Ambition 2030, the company's long-term vision announced in 2021.

The Arizon features an innovative interactive lighting system that recognizes people and automatically adapts the illumination to suit their preferences. The Arizon's lighting ambiance can be adjusted through intuitive modes, including leisure, relaxation, sleep, and surprise, providing seamless, personalized interactions and premium hospitality.

Beyond a virtual personal assistant

The Arizon's human-centric design extends beyond its virtual personal assistant and innovative lighting system. It also features a spacious, pillarless open-air cabin with an expansive auto-dimming glass roof.

The Arizon's low center of gravity and comfortable cabin makes for a more enjoyable driving experience. The Arizon concept's exterior design is bold and futuristic, with an aerodynamic shape and ultra-wide display screen that provides the driver with a fusion of the virtual and real worlds.

Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta says, “China is one of the most technologically sophisticated markets in the world. Market and customer needs are rapidly changing, making China a global driver of electrification as well as a leader in connected car services. There is a need for increased electrification and advanced sustainability in the market, and we are working hard to meet it.

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