Nisus: The personal aircraft that takes flying to the next level

Welcome to the new generation of safe and easy-to-pilot gyroplanes.
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Nisus Gyrocopter
Nisus Gyrocopter


The Slovakian company Jokertrike has introduced a new personal aircraft that combines recreational and professional flying — Meet Nisus, the gyroplane that offers speed, safety, comfort, and unlimited adventure.

Gyroplanes have been around for a hundred years and are considered one of the safest and easiest aircraft to pilot ever designed. Nisus takes this to the next level with its unique design and features. The aircraft is compact, allowing for easy transport and storage, and its closed and compact side-by-side cockpit provides excellent internal habitability and panoramic views.

Nisus can be enjoyed as your unique type of transportation to any destination you desire or as your professional flying companion for numerous monitoring, surveillance, and safety purposes. The gyroplane's supporting structure is welded from chrome molybdenum steel tubes, ensuring high rigidity and safety of the supporting structure at a low weight.

The inside of the cabin is fully layered with Carbon Kevlar Hybrid (CKH) to provide maximum crew safety in an emergency. Nisus is supported by a full circumferential frame securing higher safety, and providing spectacular panoramic views. The gyroplane’s support frame pressure control system saves energy through its unique design, designed as a Buoyancy body, allowing the faster it flies, the more energy it saves.

A cutting-edge design

Its novel design with a double rudder improves its functionality of maneuvering at low speed, for example, during landing. The engine cooling system fits perfectly within the design, maintaining the cooling of Rotax 915IS even at higher outside temperatures.

Nisus' technical specifications are impressive: cruise speed of  80-100 mph (130-160 kph), a maximum speed of 121 mph (195 kph), and a minimum speed of 18.6 mph (30 kph). Its length x width x height is 4750 mm x 1680 mm x 2700 mm, and its fuel tank capacity is 24 GAL (92 liters). It has a three-blade propeller and a rotor of Gyrotech 8600 mm. Its takeoff distance is 656 ft (200 m), and its landing distance is 492 ft (150 m).

"After several setbacks due to COVID, we are excited to finally have the first and only Nisus in the United States for our customers to see in person," said Sonja Latshaw, CEO of The Gyrocopter Flight Training Academy (GFTA) in Sebastian, FL.

Nisus is a revolutionary personal aircraft that offers endless possibilities for adventure and practical use. Its innovative design and features make it a game-changer in the aviation industry.

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