US startups are teaming up to develop a new type of aircraft

Modular aviation to meet vector thrust propulsion.
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NODE AIR modular concept
NODE AIR modular concept

Node Air  

Node Air and JetX are teaming up to develop a new type of aircraft that combines the best of their respective technologies. This collaboration will connect Node Air's modular transportation system with JetX 's Vector Thrust Propulsion.

The concept of modular aircraft is relatively new and has yet to be fully explored in the industry. A modular aircraft can be easily reconfigured or modified depending on the specific needs of the flight. This could include adjusting the seating arrangement, cargo capacity, or even the shape of the fuselage. The goal of a modular aircraft is to be as versatile and adaptable as possible while also reducing the costs associated with maintaining multiple specialized aircraft.

Node Air is known for its expertise in modular transportation systems, which have already been applied to ground vehicles and boats. By incorporating this technology into the new aircraft, Node Air aims to bring greater flexibility and efficiency to the aviation industry. With its modularity, future aircraft can easily be adapted to changing passenger or cargo needs. For example, for cargo flights, the aircraft cabins can be easily converted to cargo containers, and for passenger flights, the aircraft cabins can be easily converted to passenger seating without the need to change the whole aircraft.

JetX, on the other hand, is known for its Vector Thrust Propulsion technology. This propulsion system uses a combination of jet and rocket engines to achieve unparalleled speed and maneuverability. By integrating this technology into the new aircraft, JetX aims to bring a new level of performance to the aviation industry. Vector Thrust Propulsion technology has the capability of increasing the aircraft's speed and thrust and also has the ability of vertical takeoff and landing. This can open the door to a new air transportation system, such as air taxis and urban air mobility.

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This collaboration between Node Air and JetX will be something completely new and revolutionary in the aviation industry. By combining the best of both worlds – modularity and vector thrust propulsion – the new aircraft will be able to adapt to changing needs while pushing the boundaries of performance. This collaboration is expected to produce a new type of aircraft that can meet the needs of various sectors, such as air cargo, air ambulance, military, and regional air transportation. The development of this new aircraft could have a significant impact on the future of air transportation.