Now you can use your face and fingerprint to access and drive this EV

These advanced features on Genesis GV60 aim to offer convenience, security, and personalization options.
Jijo Malayil
Genesis GV60
Genesis GV60


In a world driven by cutting-edge technology, the automotive industry has continuously strived to integrate innovative features into their vehicles. Furthering this trend, Genesis is now offering facial and fingerprint recognition with its new GV60, its new SUV Coupe variant.

The GV60 is the first pure electric model to be released by Genesis, the luxury vehicle arm of the Hyundai group. The variant features services called 'Face Connect' and 'Fingerprint Authentication System', with which the carmaker aims to offer convenience, security, and personalization, thereby enhancing the overall driving experience.

These systems further ease of use for owners

Face Connect is a feature that allows the vehicle to recognize the driver's face to lock or unlock its doors without a key. Once the user touches the door handle, a camera embedded into the vehicle's B-pillar analyses unique facial features, such as the contours of the face and specific facial landmarks, with which the car can instantly identify its owner, granting access with a simple glance. The feature allows owners to pre-register multiple profiles, making it ideal for families with multiple drivers.

With Face Connect, the Head-Up-Display (HUD), driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors, and infotainment settings can be adjusted based on the driver’s customized settings. "It can be automatically connected to individual driver profiles, providing a new level of convenience that makes it seem as if the vehicle recognizes the driver," reads the Genesis website. 

Once the user is inside, the Fingerprint Authentication System placed next to the gear selector can be used to start and drive the car without a key. The system also offers an authentication function for in-car payments and the release of Valet Mode.

GV60 also offers Genesis' advanced version of its Digital Key feature, which allows drivers to open the door without using the smartphone. Digital Key 2 now lets users enter and start their vehicles by simply touching the door handle, and the digital key can be shared with up to three people.

Concerns about safety and privacy

Even though such advanced technologies employ advanced algorithms to prevent unauthorized access, people are often skeptical regarding the reliability and safety of such technology, which are prone to unwarranted intrusions. 

According to the firm, no biometric data is shared to the cloud to counter such misuse but is kept securely with heavy encryption within the vehicle's system. According to the company, this will reduce the risk of such data getting altered for unauthorized access.

The Genesis GV60 exemplifies the industry's commitment to innovation and reimagining how we interact with our cars.

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