The Der Ziesel wheelchair allows people with disabilities to travel off road over ice, snow, mud and some of the roughest terrains you could find.

This genius design from Kryptonite adds extra security to your tires when using a U-lock to chain up your bike. Why hasn't this been done before?

The B-52 Bomber electric bike from the UK’s Stealth Electric Bikes offers 50 miles on a single charge (or you could pedal) and a top speed of 50 mph.

The Savannah was launched amid a James Bond launch ceremony and it is claimed to be the worlds first hybrid superyacht.

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What do you get if you cross a scooter and a skateboard? You get the Sbyke and it is now available in the UK.

Tech-Air Street Airbags are airbags hidden in a motorcycle jacket that can detect an accident and spring in to life to help save the rider for injury.

The Spira4U is a lightweight vehicle that can be stood on its end by lifting it up and thanks to the foam build can absorb impcacts making it safer on the road.

The Mercedes F015 Luxury in Motion concept car is the future of cars and is packed with technology that allows the car to drive itself.

Powered by three jet engines this beast can hit speeds approaching 400mph. Meet Shockwave, the world's fastest jet powered truck.