The vehicle reached top speed of 327 km/h (204,4 mph) which broke barrier of 320 kmh (200 mph) for electric vehicle.

Each capsule is propelled by linear electric motors and does not rely on pressure differences, unlike the first suggestion that reaches the travel

Back in 2010, Venturi Automobiles teamed up with the Ohio State University to place a new FIA world speed record for electric vehicles.

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As we all know,in most of the present motorcycles power of the engine is transfered to the rear wheel through a chain. But, back in time existed a front-wheel drive motorcycles like the German Megola. In 1935 a group of five German

Fritz von Opel, founder of the Opel company, started development of series of rocket powered road and railway cars and planes, and in some cases driven or piloted by mr. von Opel.

We talk about the super car competition, and a new member is about to arrive. It is Shayton Equilibrium.

The Urban Arrow is intended to be “a replacement for the second car,” and it won an innovation award when it was first unveiled at the 2010 Eurobike trade show.