The San Francisco Fire Department has reported nearly 12 incidents that involved such AVs delaying their emergency response since August 10.

Jijo Malayil | 9/6/2023

The firm's new MMA platform reduces value-chain CO₂ by more than 40 percent.

Jijo Malayil | 9/4/2023

With a planned operational altitude of 25 km, Japanese startup Iwaya's near-space balloon reaches an important milestone of 6 km.

FAA proposes to replace defective components in Boeing 777 engines before the next flight due to a defect linked to ‘iron inclusion’ in the material.

Rizwan Choudhury | 9/3/2023

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The Chiron Super Sport 'Golden Era' features 45 sketches of the brand’s icons hand-drawn directly onto the car itself.

Jijo Malayil | 8/29/2023

As per the Federal Aviation Administration's recent announcement, new helicopter pilots now have the option to not only train in but also buy a secure and reasonably priced personal helicopter.

Jijo Malayil | 8/28/2023

For decades, NASA Glenn has been at the forefront of efforts driving innovations to quell jet engine noise and make our communities safer.

Amal Jos Chacko | 8/26/2023

This is not the first time Musk is asking Tesla employees to work diligently on delivering a car with highly matched dimensions.

Ameya Paleja | 8/25/2023

French inventor unveils Airscooter, a personal flying machine that looks like a giant drone and runs on hybrid engine.

Rizwan Choudhury | 8/24/2023