Palestinian Students Design Car to Combat Fuel Shortage

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War is changing the civilian’s life, more than any politician. The people who are deal with a life under the control of other countries are always finding new and creative solutions to survive. Much of the needed innovation has been left up to youth in these countries. Khalid al-Bardawil and Jamal al-Miqaty are two college students making a difference. They have created a solar car, which is based on ‘God’s energy’, as they describe.

Israel and Palestine's war has a long history and unfortunately, the most affected people groups from the war are civilians who live under controlled circumstances. Two students from Gaza’s Islamic Al Azhar University chose to create a solar car to change the destiny of their people, as a graduation project. You can check out more about it in the video below.

Palestine’s energy sources have been under the control of Israel for decades and cars are one of the most indispensable things in their life. In collaboration with the mechatronics engineering department of the university, the students created an easy to build solar car to help combat problems with fuel availability in the area.

solar car of palestine3[Image Source: AUG]

This is not the first solar car of Palestine, but clearly, it’s a proof that the hard situations are forcing people to be more creative. These students have used solar energy instead of fuel, which is currently under control and limited by Israel, but no one can control the Sun.

solar car of palestine2[Image Source: AUG]

The lecturer Mazen Abu Amer explains their idea in these words:

“By building this vehicle we wanted to introduce a prototype as some European universities did. We wanted to spread awareness and the culture of using solar power through these projects. We made this project and it is the first, first in the Gaza Strip, to design a vehicle from A to Z which works on solar power.”

The car has a solar energy panel on the top to collect energy and three wheels with a single seat for the driver.

solar car of palestine[Image Source: AUG]

As we can see in the pictures and video from RT, the car doesn't have a stylish design. It's designed to be useful, first of all, but we are sure that they will collaborate with industrial engineers to make it look better in the long run. It is surely a great graduation project. The car they designed is able to reach speeds up to 18 mph. This may be slow compared to gas-powered cars, but given the innovation it brings to the area, it is still of useful power.

solar car of palestine4[Image Source: AUG]

As Al-Miqaty explains in their interview with RT, electric motors and electric cars are not available in Gaza.

“So we had to [get] a motor and make a lot of changes to it, and these changes were not easy to make”
he says.

It is not easy to create real-world engineering based projects if you have a limited budget, but creativity doesn’t have limits.

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