Passengers Lend Their Airplane a Hand After Its Tire Ruptures on the Runway

The airplane was very lightweight.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In what may be the most surprising news of this week, a TikTok video and Twitter post were released of a bunch of people pushing a plane on a runway. The Indian Express then reported that the incident happened in Nepal.

What caused this strange and rather funny accident? One of the airplane's tires got busted, rendering it incapable of driving down the runway. More specifically, this took place at Bajura Airport in Kolti with a lightweight Tara Air plane.

The video soon became viral with even The New York Post reporting on the incident. They started their coverage with the witty phrase:" deflated but not defeated".

What happened exactly?

The Twin Otter aircraft was left stranded in the middle of the Nepalese runway after one of its tires ruptured, thwarting other planes from going about their journeys.

However, the airport lacked the tools to move the plane, prompting passengers and security personnel to take matters into their own hands, literally. They all got together to push the plane as a small but mighty group.

This resulted in a 20-minute video that shows the courageous group of strangers joining forces to push the plane safely out of the way of other incoming and departing planes. It's an example of team effort at its best.

They say all is well that ends well, the plane was eventually brought out of harm's way. The day was saved after another plane from Nepalganj arrived with spare tires and engineers. After outfitting the plane with a fresh tire, both planes flew back to Nepalganj.

If you found this airplane story entertaining, you may want to read this report of a flight that was canceled after a man threw six coins in a plane's engine for good luck.

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