Photos: The new Dacia Manifesto Concept is an outdoor car that is less harmful to nature

"Manifesto Concept is a 'lab' to try out and mock up new ideas."
Nergis Firtina
Dacia Manifesto Concept
Dacia Manifesto Concept


Romanian automobile giant Dacia introduced a brand new concept vehicle today, Sept .16.

The brand new concept car called Manifesto Concept stands out with its eco-friendly feature. By being durable and auxiliary outside, it also embodies and demonstrates the values that the company stands for, Dacia says.

Manifesto Concept states the brand's intention to support customers as they get more eager to attempt outdoor activities.

There are no doors, windows, or windshields to separate the occupants from their surroundings in the concept of Manifesto. As a result, both the driver and the passenger are entirely outside. It also has a hard-wearing work surface instead of a tailgate.

Photos: The new Dacia Manifesto Concept is an outdoor car that is less harmful to nature
Dacia Manifesto Concept

Never stay away from technology

A smartphone can be fully integrated into the dashboard and onboard computer thanks to Dacia's Bring-Your-Own-Device strategy. Better yet, Dacia's YouClip is very straightforward system that secures a variety of practical and adaptable accessories.

In addition, Manifesto offers a single headlamp that can be detached as a powerful torchlight.

The Manifesto Concept has all the characteristics of an off-road vehicle, including four-wheel drive, a very high ride height, big wheels, and a body designed to handle the roughest terrain.

Photos: The new Dacia Manifesto Concept is an outdoor car that is less harmful to nature
Manifesto Concept Interior

One of the most striking features of the Manifesto Concept is that it is waterproof. It's also possible to clean the inside of the car with a washer. Moreover, the removable seat coverings are dual functioning; that is they become sleeping bags in just a blink of an eye.

“At Dacia, we like to keep it real. As we were developing and exploring new ideas, we felt we needed to push them past 3D simulations and see what they look like in real life!" said David Durand, Dacia Design Director.

"As well as being a designer object, Manifesto Concept encapsulates our vision and combines a wide range of innovations – some involve extreme implementation, but they are still affordable for customers. We will be using a few of them on future Dacia models.”

Manifesto Concept is pretty visionary

Dacia expresses their vision for a car with a small environmental impact with Manifesto Concept. The major plastic body sections of the Manifesto Concept include a sizable amount of recycled material.

"We want to build a range of products that strengthens our brand promise, focusing on the essentials and adapting our vehicles for outdoor activities. Beyond our models, we are also working on innovative features that match our customers’ needs and lifestyles even more closely," explained Lionel Jaillet, Dacia Product Performance Director.

"Manifesto Concept is a “lab” to try out and mock up new ideas. The version you can see today will keep on evolving as we keep on exploring! So don’t miss the next models: they will be ever smarter, ever more tailored to outdoor activities, and ever more Dacia!”

About Dacia

Dacia, which was first introduced in 1968 and reintroduced by the Renault Group in 2004 across Europe and the Mediterranean region, has always provided vehicles by routinely rethinking the fundamentals.

The Sandero, the best-selling retail car in Europe every year since 2017, the Duster, the best-selling SUV to European retail customers since 2018, and the Jogger, a multipurpose family vehicle in the C-segment, are examples of Dacia models.

Since 2004, Dacia has sold more than 7.5 million automobiles throughout its 44 global markets.

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