Plane Makes Thrilling Emergency Landing on Highway, Collides with SUV

Luckily, or miraculously, no one was seriously injured.
Fabienne Lang

Plane pilots carry out some impressive maneuvers when they have to. Carrying out safe emergency landings is an impressive feat, one that a pilot had to do in Minnesota, the U.S., on Wednesday night. 

A single-engine plane had to carry out an emergency landing on Interstate 35W, touching ground among fast-driving cars. One SUV was totaled during the landing, but miraculously noone was badly injured, as reported by local news agency CBS Minnesota.


The owner of the SUV is Brittany Yurik, who said she only saw the plane about "one second before we collided," she told CBS Minnesota

Even though Yurik's car suffered some serious damage, she left unscathed. Luckily for everyone, so did the plane's pilot, 52-year-old Craig Gifford, and the one passenger on board.

"I talked to [Gifford] last night," Yurik said. "He’s very kind. He was very apologetic. He explained to me what happened, and I just can’t believe we’re all OK. I think he was feeling the same thing."

According to Gifford, his engines completely failed when he and his passenger were up in the air. "I had to go down wherever it was safest to go down," he told CBS Minnesota in an interview.

The emergency landing was carried out as well as it could have been done and required some good piloting skills on Gifford's account. "When you’re flying, you start looking around saying, ‘Where am I? If something happens, where am I going to set this airplane down safely?'" Dick Knapinski, a fellow pilot with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) who knows Gifford, said.

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"It’s exactly what this pilot did, and you have to give him kudos for doing everything exactly right to keep that down with no injuries."

Knapinski added that pilots are trained to carry out emergency landings in the direction of traffic if they have to land on a road. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is carrying out an investigation. 

Check out the video of the emergency landing below, it's pretty mind-blowing: 

Here's the scene after the landing (bottom video): 

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