Polestar 2 EV Owners Report Car-Stopping Glitches

Dozens of the vehicles appear to have suffered from inexplicable technical glitches.
Fabienne Lang
Polestar 2Polestar

New owners of Polestar's Polestar 2 vehicles have been encountering some odd reactions from the EV: it inexplicably stops working. 

This isn't altogether unexpected from new vehicles on the market. The Polestar vehicles in question were in Norway and Sweden, where the Polestar 2 started deliveries in late July.

Seemingly, the vehicles' new owners received warning issues on their drive systems, followed by the car stopping to work suddenly. Some never even received the warning issues.

The news comes from CarUp, a Swedish website, who was the first to report on the matter. 


From hero to zero

What must have been an exciting stage in the Polestar 2 owners' lives, quickly turned into a letdown. Imagine receiving your shiny new car, only for it to be dead in its tracks just one day later? That's exactly what happened to some of the owners in Sweden and Norway. 

That said, as CarUp's interviews with some of the owners pointed out, Polestar was quick to respond by immediately sending loaner cars, and looking into the inexplicable matter. 

As one of the affected owners, Erik Walfridsson, told CarUp (in Swedish), "This is something that is part of the concept when you buy a new and untested model. We got a loan car right away, so I have not been affected. I think Polestar handled this well. It is a fantastic car that makes it fun to go and buy milk."

The potential issue may lie in the vehicle's 12V battery system, per CarUp. However, as not all affected cars suffered 12V issues, Polestar is having to dig a little deeper into the matter.

As Polestar's PR Manager, Brent Ellis, explained, "We are working on a solution now and of course, when it is ready, we know what needs to be done and will inform all affected customers."


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