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Anyone who needs to take a journey over rugged rough back roads would be happy enough with a pickup truck. However, if you want to venture into the toughest of terrains and out into the wilderness, such as Alaska, you might want to be behind the wheel of the Nissan Project Titan.


[Image Source: Nissan]

The vision of Nissan for Project Titan was to make the ultimate Titan which would be driven by two veterans of the Wounded Warrior Project on an adventure into the Alaskan wilderness. The car maker began the project with two things; the 2014 Titan Crew Cab PRO-4X truck that is said to be the most capable package for travelling off road and a good social media campaign asking people for help when it came to designing the vehicle.


[Image Source: Nissan]

The campaign began in June on Facebook and people had to vote on ten different areas to be customised, which would give the Titan a military look while at the same time ensuring that the truck had attitude.


[Image Source: Nissan]

The result of this saw the white Titan PRO-4X cab get full armour with the ARB Deluxe Bull Bar on the front, giving it one mean look. Then there is the LED lit bar, with another set mounted on the roof teaming up to light up the road ahead.

nissanprojecttitan-22[Image Source: Nissan]


[Image Source: Nissan]

Towards the back there is the Recon Wrap and this transforms the body by giving the truck camouflage for the digital age. This military look extends over onto the ARE camper top and the bumper at the back was designed to look exactly like the one at the front of the truck.


[Image Source: Nissan]

Nissan then set to work on the PRO-4X package that was standard but they optimized this for off-road by combining features such as the transfer case four wheel drive that comes with low range 4-LO, along with a rear differential that locks electronically, a Dana 44 axle on the back which had dual rate leaf springs and added in some skid plates at the front.



[Image Source: Nissan]

The Project Titan got a Nismo cold air intake along with a Borla cat-back exhaust, which freed the air flow up through the 5.6 litre Endurance V8 engine which offers 317hp/385 lb-ft. The output from it goes to the Titan PRO-4X 4WD system and then continues on its journey to the 18 inch wheels, which are Fuel Revolver D525s. The wheels are fitted inside the 35 inch Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires, with beefy fender flares residing over the top.


[Image Source: Nissan]

The switch-operated ARB air-locker helps with traction for the front tires, while the 4 inch life kit benefits the suspension system. The suspension at the back is maintained level thanks to the Radflow remote reservoir shocks with PRG end links and the upper control arms along with the AirLift rear airbags. There is no doubt that Nissan have made sure that whatever terrain the Titan comes across, it will be able to deal with it.


[Image Source: Nissan]

In the event that the Titan does experience any issues, it has been fitted with a means of self-recovery by way of rear and front Warn Zeon winches so that it can pull itself out of difficulty.


[Image Source: Nissan]

The Nissan US sales and marketing operations senior VP, Fred Diaz, said "The robust Titan serves as a great starting point for an adventure of this magnitude. With the help of Nissan's Facebook fan base, Project Titan is fully equipped for the Alaskan Frontier. I'm very much looking forward to following the Wounded Warrior Project team as they make their way through Alaska behind the wheel of Project Titan."


[Image Source: Nissan]

The Titans towing capacity was put to good use as it can tow 9,300lb. The vehicle is connected up with a Manley ORV Explore camping trailer. The trailer features the same design, tires and wheels as the truck and comes with a two person top-mounted Tepui tent, which can be lifted out of the way to gain access to the cargo area. Its also full to the brim with all the essentials you could ever need when travelling off-road, including tools, water and cooking equipment.


[Image Source: Nissan]

Going on an arduous trip across landscape doesn’t mean that you cannot do it in style. The pair of travellers will be sitting in comfort on Katzkin leather seating and will be able to rely on the Lowrance off-road GPS to help them find their way.

To entertain them on their travels is the Rockford Fosgate audio system. Nissan updated the electrics of the truck with a 250-amp alternator and AMG battery to make sure that the truck is able to meet power demands, while in the back it is easy to gain access to gear thanks to the bed slide system.

nissanprojecttitan-9[Image Source: Nissan]


[Image Source: Nissan]

David Guzman and Kevin McMahon, both Iraqi war veterans, set out on their journey to Alaska this week after the Project Titan was air-lifted to Alaska. The pair are graduates of the Wounded Warrior Project; they help with transitioning wounded veterans back into civilian life. Nissan are going to be documenting the trip and anyone who is interested can follow it via a series on YouTube in the months to come.

nissanprojecttitan-23[Image Source: Nissan]


[Image Source: Nissan]


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