Real Life Rocket League: Car Soccer

Interesting Engineering

There are smash up derbies, and then there's playing a massive game of soccer - with cars.

Two soccer teams, made up of 10 car "players" and two excavator "goalies,"  pitted off against each other in perhaps the funniest version of soccer known to man. Car Soccer is an annual event hosted by the town of Red Hook in the USA.

The objective is simple: get the giant 8-ft ball in the net. However, there's a catch. Drivers have to watch out as the game add's demolition-derby style contact. Full contact- smashing, crashing, and bashing are all acceptable.

The game originally debuted on an episode of Top Gear in which the hosted a competition to pit countries against each other. However, instead of battling with any traditional sport, it was decided soccer was to be played. The game soon turned into a series as the hosts decided to play other sports in cars as well, including rugby.

The episodes could've inspired Psyonix to create the well-known goofy game "Rocket League," in which cars perform outrageous stunts to score on their opponents.

The town of Red Hook thought the game would be a great addition to their annual festivals. Currently, they have hosted three tournaments. You can expect to see more in the near future.