Report on Car Color Popularity Released, White Tops the List

Black, gray, and silver were the other three preferred automotive colors.
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Choosing your new car's color can be a tough choice to make. It turns out that the majority of people around the world select white as their preferred automotive color.

Axalta released its 67th annual Global Automotive Color Popularity Report recently, which revealed that the color white tops the list, followed by black, gray, and silver.

White has been at the top of the list since 2011


Automotive color chart

According to Axalta's report38% of people prefer white as their car color, followed by 19% for black, and 13% for gray.

2019 saw the color silver move out of the top three preferred car colors. With 10% popularity worldwide, it's the lowest percentage the color has seen in the best part of a decade.

The three top colors combined represent 80% of the market share globally.

"We are pleased to release the 2019 Global Automotive Color Popularity Report," said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta Global Product Manager - Color. "After more than 65 years studying consumer preferences on automotive colors, we are truly the world leader in identifying trends and helping our customers deliver great cars in the best assortment of the most popular colors."

When broken down into regional zones, the color changes haven't seen a huge shift this year. In Europe, white's popularity has dropped by one percent, and gray went up by two percent — making gray the preferred color in the continent for the first time ever.

"After the demand for gray rose in the SUV sector last year in Europe, we saw 5% growth this year in the Compact/Sport sector. For the first time in Europe, the variety of natural to refined and sophisticated gray surpassed white as the long-time favorite. Europeans have expressed their desire to use gray to quiet the emotional noise in their lives and feel comforted by its presence," said Elke Dirks, Color Designer - Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Times are a-changing in Europe it seems.

In other continents, white is still the predominant car color, with Asia seeing a one percent increase in its preference, and showing that 49% of the population choose white over any other color.

It's not to say that other colors don't make it to the streets, as you can clearly see when looking up and down a road. 

"While the top four neutral colors – white, black, gray and silver – continue to lead preferences globally," said Lockhart. "We are starting to see other colors make moves in popularity that might not have been thinkable in past years. For sure, the consumer is truly beginning to change the way they view their vehicle's color, and Axalta is prepared to partner with our automotive customers to meet those needs."

Let's see what next year's report will say, but for now, if you want to fit in: choose a white car.


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