Rivian to Change Your Perspective on Sustainable Transportation

In a revealing interview, CEO RJ Scaringe is letting users know what’s coming next for Rivian.
Irmak Bayrakdar

Rivian, the company that is active in both technology and the automotive sector, keeps climbing the success ladder with large amounts of investments from industry giants such as Amazon and FordCEO RJ Scaringe states in an interview given to The Drive that, in the years to come, Rivian is going to revolutionize the electric vehicles we know today.

As Rivian is always compared to Tesla, Scaringe thinks Rivian is not in a rivalry with the company, but instead admiring every innovation Tesla has offered the world.


Rivian’s newest models: the R1T and R1S are to be released by the end of 2020. Dazzling customers with amazing qualities, the electric pickup truck and SUV offer top-notch designs and great off-road capabilities.

While challenging electric vehicles in terms of speed, Rivian's models also astound the crowds as they are SUVs and pickup trucks rather than sports car models like those of Tesla or Audi.

Rivian to Change Your Perspective on Sustainable Transportation
Rivian R1S, Source: Rivian 

With a 3 second 0-60 mph time, 410 miles of range convenience, Rivian's trucks have the biggest battery pack a company has ever released so far. Developing a unique technology system, Rivian is taking various battery systems and different brands and mixing them together to offer more freedom to its users.

Also suggesting that users should never have to look for a charging station Scaringe states; ‘’The days of not having charging infrastructure everywhere are going to vanish. We grew up in a world where cell coverage wasn't everywhere, but somebody born in 2002 just doesn't know that world. The kids born today won't know a world in 15 years where there isn't charging infrastructure everywhere. Part of the infrastructure we're going to build is in those remote locations so it's easy to pick up electrons when you're farther from urban areas.’’

Rivian is not only going to provide charging stations around settlement areas for users but it is also going to offer vehicle-to-vehicle charging. Adding the most anticipated auxiliary battery packs to their vehicles, Rivian takes the anxiety out of the equation when it comes to electric-powered cars. This way, if your vehicle’s battery runs out on the road, you can change it or charge it from another Rivian user easily.

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