Rivian’s $6,750 slide-out camp kitchen is the product of visionary excellence

The new electric pickup makes you want to cook.
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Rivian R1T's Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak package.Rivian

The electric vehicle startup Rivian engineered a brand new camp kitchen, impressing and exciting campers while easily fitting inside its electric pickup truck, the R1T, dubbed as an “adventure vehicle”.

The company has been working on various accessories for R1T to make adventures with the pickup truck more enjoyable. However, the most fascinating accessory of R1T so far seems like the full camp kitchen that the company has managed to fit inside its new storage space that is placed between the bed and the cabin, or as called by Rivian “Gear Tunnel.”

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At $6,750, the camp kitchen is pricey, but it’s masterfully engineered and it comes with the “Gear Tunnel Shuttle” which includes a slide-out platform designed to take full advantage of Rivian’s Gear Tunnel. The shuttle increases usable space and is built for a range of products already in sale, such as Camp Kitchen, or accessories to be engineered by Rivian. It can be operated with one hand from the passenger side of the vehicle and locks down upon loading up.

What are the features of Rivian's Camp Kitchen? 

And the most impressive feature of the Rivian Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak Package is that it fits the Snow Peak Kitchen set and the kitchen system consists of two modules, a 1,440-watt, two-burner induction cooktop, and a sink module with a capacity of 4-gallons to fit on a slide-out platform.

The Snow Peak Kitchen, a 30-piece high-quality set, which includes a nylon spatula, bamboo spatula, tongs, ladle, two knives, corkscrew, can opener, peeler, titanium cutlery set, tableware, stacking mugs, cutting board, two large pots, a coffee grinder, kettle and pour-over stand. The kitchen set comes in a specifically designed drawer that fits and keeps all the cookware stable when the truck is in motion.

Rivian describes its adventurous Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak package as, “The package combines three accessories: The Camp Kitchen, Rivian Gear Tunnel Shuttle and Snow Peak Kitchen Set. The entire system effortlessly slides out of the R1T Gear Tunnel so you can enjoy dinner with a view — and when not in use, the Camp Kitchen’s modular design makes it easy to remove, giving you full access to the Gear Tunnel. The Gear Tunnel Shuttle and Snow Peak Kitchen Set are included with the Camp Kitchen for a limited time.”

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Trouble ensues

While Rivian excites campers with its new features, the company is being sued by an investor who claims the startup told investors that it had underpriced its EVs which lead to unwanted price hikes.

Shareholder Charles Larry Crews claims that the price increase of the previously underpriced EVs hurt Rivian’s reputation as a trustworthy and transparent company, according to Reuters.

The company increased the prices of its R1S and R1T models prices to $84,500 and $79,500, from $70,000 and $67,500 respectively on March 1.

While Rivian hasn’t commented on the lawsuit it explained that the increases in prices were due to inflation pressures.